Still Life Painting

The Process

Three ways to design a still life.

  •  Sellect related objects to create an interesting design and arrange them as you want them in the painting.
  • Select related objects, set them in a line in front of you,  and arrange them on paper.
  • Decide on a theme for your painting, select objects to symbolize your theme.

"Mayan Threads"

Hand Weavings Guatemala

detail "Auntie Mo Takes to the Beqch


"Aunti Mo Takes to the Beach"

Portrait in Still-Life

My Dreams are Faded Now


"My Dreams are Faded Now and I am Through with Dreaming"

Progression or Progress?


Beauty Gone to Age


"Beauty Gone to Age"

Beauty Never Passes

Chinese Ginger, watercolor


"Chinese Ginger"

It Came From
Across the Sea